Cereal Killer!

I recently came across an article in the British Dental Journal about the efforts being made by cereal manufacturers to make healthier breakfasts.

One of the interesting questions it posed was about the portion size of the cereal we should eat each day. Have a look at the picture below:

1. How much cereal do you put in your bowl?

2. What is the correct cereal portion size?

(Answer is at the end of this blog!)

Now have a look at the comparison of sugar across the common cereals:

Even I was surprised by this! Many of the main manufacturer’s are making efforts to reduce this sugar content, e.g. Kellogg’s have reduced the sugar in Coco-Pops by 40%.

This reminds me of many other things in our daily lives that can easily over indulge without realising it. So becareful of portion size everyone.

For more advice, see the Change 4 Life website.