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Natural-looking crowns and bridges

Missing tooth treatment in Wolverhampton

Reliably replace missing teeth with Dental Bridges

Our Wolverhampton dentists understand that a missing tooth can greatly impact your self-confidence. A dental bridge or crown will help to restore form and function to your mouth. At our dental practice in Wolverhampton, we provide dental bridges to help you smile and talk with confidence again.

Dental bridges are secured using crowns placed on the adjacent healthy teeth, with the artificial tooth or teeth joined in the middle to fill the gap. Colour-matched to your teeth, this procedure will ensure your bridges blend seamlessly with your smile. We also offer dental implants in Wolverhampton as a long-term solution to missing teeth.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

  • Natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Long-lasting, durable, and hard-wearing
  • Smile, talk, and laugh with confidence
  • A minimally invasive procedure with little preparation
  • Bridges are fitted to your adjacent healthy teeth

Discover a more confident smile by replacing a missing tooth or teeth with a natural-looking, reliable, and minimally invasive dental bridge.

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    Frequently asked questions about Dental Bridges…

    Find the answers you’ve been searching for, for your questions regarding dental bridges in Wolverhampton! We believe an informed patient is a happy patient, so do get in touch if you would like to find out more about our treatments.

    1. Who is suitable for dental bridges?

      Everyone’s teeth are completely unique, so not everyone may be suitable for dental bridges. This can depend on how healthy the existing teeth and gums are, as well as the jawbone strength supporting these. We can help you decide which treatment is right for you at an initial appointment at our Wolverhampton dental practice.

    2. How is a dental bridge placed or fitted?

      To allow the crowns to attach to the remaining teeth, some preparation will be required on each side of the missing tooth. Since the crowns are the foundations or anchors of your dental bridge, we will ensure that they are stable. After that, your Wolverhampton dentists will take teeth imprints from which your custom bridge will be made. Finally, after the bridge has been delivered to our Wolverhampton dental practice, a second appointment will be scheduled to have your bridge fitted.

    3. Are there any side effects to this procedure?

      As with any dental procedure that involves some tooth preparation, there is a small risk of inflammation or gum infection. Our Wolverhampton dentists will provide you with all of the aftercare information and guidance you’ll need to effectively care for your teeth after your dental bridge treatment.

    4. How do I clean my dental bridges?

      Taking care of your dental bridges is as simple as caring for your natural teeth! Simply brush and floss it after each meal, in the morning, and before going to sleep.

    5. Will my treatment look natural?

      Yes, your tooth replacement will look natural because, at our Wolverhampton dental practice, we create bridges to your specific needs. Before creating your dental bridges, we take impressions of your mouth to ensure the replacement tooth or teeth are the same size, shape, and colour as your original teeth.

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