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Invisalign in Wolverhampton

What does the Invisalign treatment involve?

We all have that picture of our dream smile – but what if we told you that we could help you achieve it? Here at our dental practice in Wolverhampton, we love to create a happy, straight smile that you can share with the world, and we can achieve it with Invisalign in Wolverhampton.

When you choose our dental practice to get Invisalign in Wolverhampton, you’re putting your trust in a team of expert proffesional dentists who are experienced in clear braces and are renowned for their calm, caring approach to orthodontics. Our patients value both our personal touch, which helps put you at ease throughout the process, and our skills and knowledge, which helps ensure you’re on track for your treatment at every stage. Here’s a bit more about how your Invisalign journey works.

Your Invisalign Consultation

We like to start our clear brace treatment by getting to know our patients a bit better. As well as going over your dental history and checking over your smile, we’ll also talk you through what’s involved in your treatment and answer your questions and concerns. Finally, we’ll highlight the types of cases Invisalign braces can help – including gaps, crowding and bite problems.

Your Teeth Straightening Progress

Next, your exciting Invisalign treatment will begin. We use the industry-leading iTero digital scanner to create a simulation of your treatment and show each stage of your clear brace journey, as well as your predicted results. Custom-made aligners (trays) are then created for your teeth, which you’ll change every few weeks. Best of all, you can monitor your progress on the Invisalign app. Of course, all of this is delivered to you by our expert dentists, who offer advice, support and information at every step. Whatever your stage of treatment, we’ll happily welcome you to our practice.

Your Clear Braces Results

We want to help create results you can truly smile about. In the final stages of our Invisalign treatment, you may need a short refinement stage to get your smile to be the best it can be. Once your Invisalign treatment’s finished, we can create retainers for your new teeth to keep them in the perfect position after treatment.

To start your journey with Invisalign in Wolverhampton, call our Dental Practice on 01902 754 525 or contact us via our online booking form.

Invisalign braces at Claregate Dental Practice in Wolverhampton

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    Itero digital scanning

    Here at Claregate Dental in Wolverhampton, we’re proud to have the iTero digital scanning machine which avoids taking the route of traditional moulds. The iTero scanner can be used to predict the outcome of your Invisalign treatment using its simulator tool within minutes and scans can be sent to Invisalign immediately to get a very accurate result of your treatment. This is the most efficient way of getting started on your Invisalign treatment. The iTero scanner has a great tool to monitor tooth wear and gum recession. Scans can be superimposed on each other over a period of time which can give us a very accurate view on observing the rate with which gum recession or tooth wear is progressing.

    What to expect when getting Invisalign in Wolverhampton

    Find out more about what would be involved in your clear braces treatment in Wolverhampton! Please make sure you get in touch if you would like to find out more about starting your journey to straighter teeth with clear braces in Wolverhampton.

    1. Step One: Consultation

      The first step is booking an Invisalign consultation here at our Wolverhampton dental practice. It’s really important our top dentists look over your smile, so we can confirm whether our invisible braces are suitable for you. For instance, patients with gum disease or decay may require treatment first.

    2. Step Two: iTero Scan

      Instead of taking messy moulds, our clever iTero scanner creates a picture of your smile now – and in the future. You’ll be able to see your results before they happen, which is one of the reasons we love this revolutionary invisible braces treatment.

    3. Step Three: Custom-made Aligners

      Once the scans are complete, we’ll send them off to Invisalign and get your custom-made aligners created. We’ll help fit the first one for you, so you’ll have complete confidence about removing them and swapping them when needed. Our caring dentists go the extra mile, so will even talk you through how to clean them and store them, giving you peace of mind.

    4. Step Four: Invisalign Treatment Begins

      Once treatment begins, we’re here to help support you with troubleshooting, queries and comments. For instance, our dentists often get asked questions such as ‘can you drink tea with Invisalign?’ (sadly not while wearing it!) or about how to clean Invisalign retainers (our dental experts can discuss this with you in more detail during your consultation, but rest assured it’s quick and easy!).

    5. Step Five: Refinements

      Refinements are like final tweaks for your teeth – just to get that perfect finish to your smile and ensure you’ve got them beautifully straightened, to your personal requirements. Not every case needs a refinements stage, but we’ll work closely with you if it’s something you’d benefit from.


    6. Step Six: Retainers

      The final stage of getting Invisalign in Wolverhampton is the retainers. As the name suggests, they ‘retain’ your smile and keep your teeth exactly where you want them! You might wonder ‘how long do you wear your Invisalign retainer’ – while this can vary from case to case, ultimately, it’ll be something you’ll only need to wear overnight to keep your smile looking perfect.

    7. Step Seven: Invisalign Treatment Results

      Invisalign has successfully treated over 5 million cases worldwide. Our patients ask us, ‘does Invisalign work as well as braces?’ and we often reply that in lots of cases, Invisalign can be a better option than the traditional fixed, metal brace. Why? Because they’re known for being highly comfortable on your smile, easy to remove, almost invisible to others and predictable in treatment. So, what are you waiting for – get in touch with our experienced team now and begin your journey to straight teeth with Invisalign in Wolverhampton today!

    Invisalign Before & After Gallery

    See the results of our previous client smile transformations with Invisalign braces! This treatment can be used to treat a variety of different dental issues such as crowding, gaps and bite problems.













    *Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Claregate Dental cannot guarantee specific results.