Dental Treatments for Nervous Patients

Supporting those with dental anxiety

Dentist for Nervous Patients in Wolverhampton

Empathetic and caring support for nervous patients

Did you know that according to dentaly.org, one in seven British adults (14%) have severe dental anxiety? We understand that visiting the dentist isn’t every patient’s idea of fun. Especially if they have had bad experiences in the past or in childhood. Here at our Wolverhampton dental practice, we want to put you at ease when visiting our dentist. To do this, we provide empathetic dental care for nervous patients so that you can maintain your dental health in a comfortable and understanding environment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

We also support nervous patients at our dentist in Wolverhampton through our clinical hypnotherapist – Midland Therapy Services. We helped her overcome her own dental anxiety, and now she provides hypnotherapy solutions at the dental practice to help ease and guide nervous patients into their appointments.

How we can help

  • We offer hypnotherapy services at our dental practice
  • Our understanding team takes treatments at your pace
  • We are always warm, approachable, and friendly
  • We can help you control stress and anxiety levels
  • Our dental professionals will never rush or pressure you

Overcome your dental anxiety and maintain your optimum dental health with the caring professionals at Claregate Dental, Wolverhampton.

If you’re a nervous patient and you would like to find out more about treatment at our dental practice in Wolverhampton, simply call us on: 01902 754 525 or contact us via our online booking form.

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    Frequently asked questions…

    Find the answers you’ve been searching for your questions about nervous patients in Wolverhampton! We believe an informed patient is a happy patient, so do get in touch if you would like to find out more about our treatments.

    1. Is dental phobia real?

      Dental phobia is very real, as it leads many patients to avoid the dentist for years and even decades! It’s estimated by the NHS that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from dental phobia. This is very damaging, as your dental health could be jeopardised by not seeking help when you need it.

    2. How can I overcome my dental anxiety?

      Overcoming your dental anxiety can seem like a steep mountain to climb, but every journey begins with the small steps. You’re welcome to meet our team and acquaint yourself with the dental practice before your appointment, so you can learn your surroundings. Meeting our team will help you build trust in us and our services, so that you feel more comfortable visiting us for a check-up.

    3. Will dental hypnotherapy help?

      Dental hypnotherapy helps you to manage your stress and anxiety levels, bringing them to more controllable levels and allowing you to relax. Through a series of relaxation techniques and thought exercises, our registered clinical hypnotherapist Kerry Lewis will help you change your relationship with the dentist.

    4. Will treatments be performed at my first appointment?

      One of the most commonly nerve-wracking things for a nervous patient to consider is treatments. If you find you associate the dentist with scary metal tools, you aren’t alone in this. However, your first dental appointment is always just a check-up. There will be no drilling or other treatments unless you consent to it and we’d never pressure you into a decision. Your first dental appointment is often the first hurdle, we will simply look at your teeth and advise you from there.

    5. Is visiting the dentist important?

      Nervous patients often avoid the dentist until they really can’t bear their dental maladies or deal with the problem themselves. Visiting the dentist is important because we can detect warning signs and treat them. Visiting a dentist is important for treating small problems before they become bigger. No matter how long it has been since your last appointment, our friendly dental team will be able to help, get in touch with our friendly dentist in Wolverhamp

    What our clients say about us

    Everybody who works here is so friendly and reassuring, nothing is too much trouble. The dentist is the most professional, down to earth dentist I’ve ever met and most importantly, very gentle and thorough. I will not go anywhere else and if Google reviews did more stars, this dental practice would always get full marks from me.

    - CJ, January 2018

    *Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Claregate Dental cannot guarantee specific results.