a leading brand of invisible braces

Invisalign take traditional braces and completely bring a brand-new aesthetic look to the term braces. For example, a lot of adults opt in for Invisalign because the linger trays are clear. This means they give you a discreet look, allowing your natural teeth to show through the plastic so they block your smile. There are no metal wires or brackets, but instead a smooth clear plastic that doesn’t infringe on your natural expression and confidence.

You will have a series of aligner trays during the course of your treatment, not just the one, and each tray has its own part to play in the journey of your teeth. After the last tray has gently, but firmly, pulled your teeth into their final positions, you’ll have perfectly aligned teeth and a beautiful new smile!

  • Comfortable to wear and very discreet
  • Removable, so eating isn’t messy
  • Easy to keep your teeth clean
  • Solves a multitude of orthodontic issues
  • Invisalign have aligned the teeth of over 5 million users worldwide

Having straighter teeth can also mean healthier teeth. There should be no more corners or surfaces, hidden by overlaps, that your toothbrush simply can’t reach.

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Itero digital scanning

Here at Claregate we’re proud to have the iTero digital scanning machine which avoids taking the route of traditional moulds. The iTero scanner can be used to predict the outcome of your Invisalign treatment using its simulator tool within minutes and scans can be sent to Invisalign immediately to get a very accurate result of your treatment. This is the most efficient way of getting started on your Invisalign treatment.

The iTero scanner has a great tool to monitor tooth wear and gum recession. Scans can be superimposed on each other over a period of time which can give us a very accurate view on observing the rate with which gum recession or tooth wear is progressing.

Frequently asked

Find the answers you’ve been searching for your questions about Invisalign braces in Wolverhampton!

We believe an informed patient is a happy patient, so do get in touch if you would like to find out more about our treatments.

  1. How does Invisalign work?

    During the treatment period, You will wear a series of aligner trays. These trays will apply pressure to the teeth to shift them from their current position to a better aligned, more attractive one.

  2. How long is the treatment?

    The duration of the treatment depends on the alignment problem that is being resolved. Your orthodontist will be able to give you a better idea of how long you’ll be wearing the braces when you have your first consultation.

  3. Can I see the results before the treatment is complete?

    Thanks to 3D imaging forecast models, you’ll see how your will teeth look once they’re fully aligned – at your very first Invisalign appointment.

  4. Are Invisalign braces painful to wear?

    These braces are not painful, but you might experience some discomfort immediately after a new aligner tray is fitted. It won’t take long for you to get used to it and feel comfortable wearing the new tray.

  5. How often will I wear my Invisalign aligner trays?

    In order for you to finish your treatment on the date your orthodontist estimated during your initial consultation, you’ll need to be wearing your aligner trays for a minimum of 20 hours in every 24 hour period

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Claregate Dental cannot guarantee specific results.