September 2020 Monthly Archives

  • 20.09.20

    The Basics Of Dental Hygiene

    Most of us have been taught from a young age, that it’s really important to do the basic steps for cleaning our teeth. However, some people tend to neglect their dental hygiene and forget the consequences of doing so. This is aRead More

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  • 12.09.20

    3 Steps To Cleaning Invisalign Braces

    Maybe you’ve already started your Invisalign treatment, or you might be looking to book soon. Wherever you are on your teeth straightening journey, our private dentists in Wolverhampton can help with tips and tricks for keeping on top of your treatment. In this blog, we’ll lookRead More

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  • 10.09.20

    Looking After Your Child’s Oral Health

    Even though our baby teeth fall out in the end, it doesn’t mean that your child’s oral health isn’t important. Taking care of your baby teeth is just as important as brushing your adult teeth. Getting your child into the routine ofRead More

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  • 06.09.20

    Top Tips For Nervous Patients

    At Claregate Dental, a dental practice in Wolverhampton, we understand that not all patients can handle visiting the dentist. For some, it can be a nerve-racking and uncomfortable experience. Dental anxiety is likely to be caused by a bad experience in the pastRead More

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