Patient receiving a hygiene check up

20th September 2020

The Basics Of Dental Hygiene

Most of us have been taught from a young age, that it’s really important to do the basic steps for cleaning our teeth. However, some people tend to neglect their dental hygiene and forget the consequences of doing so. This is a reminder from our dentist in Wolverhampton on why you shouldn’t neglect your oral health and the basics that you should stick to.

Brush your mouth properly

Even though we associate dentists with our teeth, it’s not just all about them – you should be taking care of your gums too. By only focusing on your teeth, you are leaving all that bad bacteria to build up around your gums, which can potentially lead to gum disease. By brushing all around the teeth and gums and flossing regularly, you’re helping prevent plaque from building up. As bacteria can collect on the surface of your tongue too, you should also brush this to get rid of bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

5 Tips for dental hygiene

Kick-start a tooth-friendly diet

The top reason people want to eat such foods is that they taste good, however junk foods are typically bad for oral health because of the added sugar found in them. Typical junk foods are more likely to stick to the teeth, and because of this, it allows the acids to build up along the surface and eventually cause tooth decay and cavities. By eliminating things such as sour sweets and fizzy drinks and replacing them with healthier alternatives, your teeth will truly benefit.

Visit the dentist

When you feel that it’s time to do something about your dental hygiene, visit the professionals. They will help to give you the best advice on how to take care of your teeth and what they might be able to do to improve them also. If you do apply the steps above, it’s still very important to visit your dentist in Wolverhampton regularly, as there are dental problems that you may not be able to identify on your own. Sticking to this could save you from problems in the long run.

Book with one of our Wolverhampton dentists

When starting from scratch after a long period of tooth-care neglect, it can be hard to get back into the routine you once followed as a child. At Claregate Dental in Wolverhampton, we are happy to help you get started by answering any questions you may have and giving you tailored advice. If you’d like to book your next visit to our Wolverhampton dental practice, please feel free to get in touch today.

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