Young child having an oral check up

10th September 2020

Looking After Your Child’s Oral Health

Even though our baby teeth fall out in the end, it doesn’t mean that your child’s oral health isn’t important. Taking care of your baby teeth is just as important as brushing your adult teeth. Getting your child into the routine of brushing twice a day will not only keep their teeth healthy and strong, but it will prepare them for when their adult teeth come through. Here are some tips to help you keep your child’s teeth healthy. 

Supervise them when necessary 

Children's dental health tips in Wolverhampton

To us adults, brushing our teeth has become second nature. However, to children, this is a brand new experience. Brush your child’s teeth for them until they are ready to do it by themselves. Once they are starting to do it by themselves, it’s best to supervise them while they do it, just so you know that they are doing it correctly and for the right amount of time. In some shops, they may sell specially designed toothbrushes that light up for the right amount of time that you need to brush for (2 minutes). This teaches the child to brush until the light turns off.

Teach your child to brush the gums too 

As you’re teaching your child to brush their teeth, remember to teach them to look after their gums too. When you supervise, make sure you can clearly see that they are reaching the gums and not just the teeth. If they have gotten into a habit of only brushing their teeth, don’t be afraid to help them out – practice makes perfect. Using a child-friendly toothbrush that uses small and soft bristles helps to encourage your child to brush while also being really gentle on your child’s teeth and gums. 

Make oral health interesting for them

At our private dentist in Wolverhampton, we know how hard it is to encourage children into a good oral routine, but it’s really important to get them into good habits while they are still young. Making it interesting by using a sand timer or a stopwatch keeps them interested in brushing for the full 2 minutes. Kids love facts and learning something new, so make brushing a lesson by teaching them about the specific names of the teeth e.g. Incisors, Canines, and Molars. By asking them to brush these specific names, it becomes a game for them while also getting the job done. 

Are you struggling to get your child to brush their teeth? Are you wanting to improve your child’s oral hygiene? Then contact Claregate Dental today in Wolverhampton. The team at our private dentist in Wolverhampton would be delighted to give you some tips and advice.

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