Nervous patient receiving dental treatment

6th September 2020

Top Tips For Nervous Patients

At Claregate Dental, a dental practice in Wolverhampton, we understand that not all patients can handle visiting the dentist. For some, it can be a nerve-racking and uncomfortable experience. Dental anxiety is likely to be caused by a bad experience in the past or by hearing other people’s bad dental stories. We like to reassure our patients that they are in the safest of hands when booking private dental care and we hope to make them feel so comfortable that they won’t be afraid to return. For all of our nervous patients, these tips may be a big help to you.

Don’t be ashamed of being nervous 

It’s understandable to be a little nervous when booking private dental care. It may be your first time back in a very long time or it could be your first-ever visit. Don’t worry –  you’re not alone in this, as a lot of people get nervous. It’s a very normal emotion that a lot of people feel, regardless of age, and there can be a range of reasons behind this. For example, you may be nervous to go to the dentist if you know that your oral hygiene isn’t the best it can be, and you don’t want to feel any judgment or disapproval. 

You will not be shrugged away if your dental hygiene isn’t up to its optimum level of care – in fact, as a private dentist, it’s our professional privilege to look after you and make sure we put you on the right path to proper dental care. Our private dentists in Wolverhampton look at a lot of people’s teeth on a daily basis and you won’t be treated any differently from any other patient.

Don’t hide behind the curtain 

Nervous patient in Wolverhampton

You may be afraid of the dentist, but neglecting your visits can end up being more frightening in the long run. If you don’t get your teeth checked on a regular basis, you could possibly end up harming your teeth without even realising it until it’s too late, and you’ll likely need to visit your private dentist anyway to help fix the problem. Visiting regularly will help to ease your nerves and it will slowly start to become a familiar environment. When visiting our dental practice in Wolverhampton, let us know you’re a little worried and we’ll be happy to help you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Choose a good visiting time 

If you’re a nervous dental patient, it might be a good idea to think about your appointment timing. If you choose an afternoon appointment, it may be busy, as a lot of people choose to visit after work. To calm stress, it may be best to go early in the morning, as it won’t be so busy and you may be able to be seen quicker. 

Book with Claregate Dental Practice

Nervous patients in Wolverhampton shouldn’t have to sit in silence – speak up and let your private dentist know and we can guide you through the process at your own pace. Visit our nervous patient’s page for more information on how we can care for you and when you’re ready to book your appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dental practice here in Wolverhampton. 

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