Women holding Invisalign Aligner

22nd September 2021

3 Things To Ask At Your Invisalign Consultation

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with adult braces. That’s great news, and we’re so pleased you’re thinking of choosing our dental practice here in Wolverhampton. So that you’re prepared for what’s to follow, take a read of today’s blog – we’re talking through some of the things to know ahead of your treatment, as well as some key questions you can ask during your Invisalign consultation. As always, our expert dentists in Wolverhampton are here to help you and want you to feel happy, comfortable, and confident about any treatment you have with us.

Before we start

Just in case you’re new to the world of Invisalign, we’ll briefly explain what the treatment is and what it involves. It’s a way to straighten your teeth incrementally, with sets of removable aligners (clear plastic trays) worn over your teeth, which are changed every few weeks. Each adjusts your teeth little by little. Invisalign adult braces are clear and can be taken out for eating and your normal oral care routine. Though they’re often used as adult braces, they can be a great option for teens, too.

A few things to know

Here at our Wolverhampton dental practice, we know the value of a healthy, happy smile. Here are a few quick things you should know about Invisalign in Wolverhampton before we get into the consultation.

1) We can offer finance for this treatment. That’s especially handy to know if you require more in-depth treatment that might take a longer period to achieve your desired results.

2) Invisalign has a high success rate. It’s also treated millions of people all around the world – from your next-door neighbour to famous celebrities. It’s tried and trusted – and highly recommended by our expert dentists here in Wolverhampton.

3) There are other options available. Invisalign is a leading adult brace treatment, but there are other methods of straightening your teeth. To be a fair, clear and honest dentist, we do like to tell our patients about this, even if Invisalign is our professional recommendation. It’s helped build our trusted reputation over the years.

Invisalign consultation with Wolverhampton dentist

What to ask…

Here are three questions you must ask during your Invisalign consultation.

How long will the treatment last?

Once we’ve scanned your smile and created your 3D treatment plan (and predicted results), we’ll be able to advise on the length of treatment. It’s important to know this, so you can be prepared to commit to what’s required for that gorgeously straight smile.

Will I need check-ups?

You’ll still need oral care check-ups throughout your treatment (just as everyone does!) but you may also need some visits to ensure your Invisalign adult braces treatment is progressing as it should. This may vary, down to each specific case, so we’ll work with you on this.

What do I do if my Invisalign gets lost or broken?

If the worst happens and your Invisalign gets lost or broken, be reassured that there’s a plan in place. We’ll talk through this process in a bit more detail during your consultation at our Wolverhampton practice, to give you peace of mind ahead of treatment.

And finally…

To start your treatment, get in touch with our dental practice to start your journey with Invisalign in Wolverhampton today!

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Claregate Dental cannot guarantee specific results.