25th May 2017

Amazing results with Periochip.

We have been using Periochip at the practice for 2 years now and have had some amazing results for the treatment of gum disease.

What is Periochip?

Periochip is another tool we can use to combat advanced gum disease. Many people are suffering from gum disease. The advanced form can be devastating. Losing teeth, having difficulty in eating food, lack of confidence in smiling, bad breath and recurring gum infections are some of the harmful effects of advanced gum disease.

Image source: periochip.com

What does Periochip Treatment Involve?

Treatment involves the thorough removal of plaque around teeth and gums. But the patient plays a key role too, by keeping excellent oral hygiene every day. This treatment often needs repeating over time to achieve stable, healthy gums. But we can use Periochip in addition to the deep cleaning. It’s so simple and painless. This is a small piece of gelatine chip containing a high concentration of anti-septic (like the one found in Corsodyl®  mouthwash). After deep cleaning treatment is done, the small chip is placed between the tooth and the gum. There is no surgery involved and the procedure just takes seconds to do.

What results can you expect?

Over a few months, the anti-septic helps start to increase the healing of the gum disease. The results from clinical research have shown far greater healing of the gums when Periochip is used with deep cleaning, compared to deep cleaning alone.

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