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14th June 2018

Did you know?

An edited photo of a dog and a cat holding a toothbrush next to eachother.

10 Amazing Uses For Your

Old Toothbrush!!!

We are advised to change our toothbrush every 3 months to help stop the spread of bacteria and to ensure that brushing is effective.
So in theory, by the time somebody is 40 they will have disposed of around 160 toothbrushes!!
So why not re-purpose your old brush today…. read our 10 Amazing Ideas For Your Old Brushes:

1. Keep That Bathroom Sparkling

A old toothbrush is perfect to get in the difficult hinges of the toilet or around the taps to keep them sparkling clean.

2. Make Art!

Get the kids (or you!) painting with this unique paintbrush!
Different for the kids to try and free.

3. Away With Fingernail Dirt
Just get some soapy water and scrub that dirt away!

4. Highlight Hair
Use your old brush to apply liquid hair chalk or highlights

5. Keyboard Crumbs
Grab your toothbrush and safely remove the yuck from your keyboard.

6. Keep Fish?
Remove debris, clean the tank and ornaments in the hard to reach areas.

7. Dusty Blinds
Make the difficult job of cleaning your dusty blinds easy with your trusty old toothbrush.

8. Keep Jewellery Sparkling
Clean those intricate pieces of Jewellery sparkling and clean with your old brush.

9. Bike Chain service
A toothbrush is the right size to oil up those hard to reach chains.

10. Use on your family pet
Keep your animals teeth healthy

If you have any other great toothbrush uses, please leave us a comment on our Facebook post or email us at claregate@outlook.com

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