23rd March 2018

Happy Easter!!

Child with an easter themed pink cap on.Easter themed table layout.

Easter themed table layout.


Limit chocolate and sugary drinks to meal times

As your mouth is already producing saliva, it doesn’t have to work harder to fight off the extra sugar and acid.

Saliva helps to neutralise the acids, wash away food bits and repair the early effects of tooth decay by re-mineralising tooth enamel.

The more sweet foods and drinks you consume, the higher the risk of tooth decay.

Try and reduce how often you consume sugary foods/drinks.

Encourage your children to drink water.

….Do you know that Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate!!

Research suggests that Dark chocolate is better for your teeth than milk chocolate as it contains less sugar. Dark chocolate is made from Cocoa beans which contain tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids. These are a type of strong antioxidant that benefits your mouth and teeth.

 Keep brushing your teeth twice a day

Finally have a lovely Easter break and go steady on the chocolate!!!!

By Katie Smith, and the team at Claregate Dental!  

(p.s. those photo are of Katie’s son and her amazing Easter craft work!)

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