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2nd January 2019

Have a revolutionary smile for 2019…

Happy New Year to you all!

The New Year is a time of reflection, where we can look and prepare for the future of our health.

It’s the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start and set ourselves goals to improve our health and general well being.

Here are a few simple steps that will ensure that your teeth and mouth are clean bright for 2019:

  • Visit Bhup every six months for your check up and oral cancer screening.

Come and see us! Bhup can make sure any problem is picked up before it becomes painful or more expensive to treat!

  • Brush your teeth twice daily- AM & PM.

Maybe time yourself; do you brush for 2 minutes?

  • Floss or use interdental brushes once daily.

Brushing alone is not good enough to keep plaque from building up on your teeth, or to completely remove bits of food from your mouth.   Get into the routine of flossing or using the Interdental brushes. 

If you’re unsure what size brush you require ask Bhup, or our hygienists Becky and Liz at your next appointment.

  • Eat a balanced diet.

Limit Sugary snacks and swap it for a stick of carrot or a chunk of cheese!

A healthy diet is a healthy you!!

  • Give up or reduce smoking intake.

I know we say it every year but did you know that smoking can do a lot of damage to your teeth and gums, including increasing the risk of gum disease and oral cancer?

  • Change your toothbrush every three months.

A frayed toothbrush won’t be cleaning your teeth 100% so change it today!!

If you didn’t already have enough reasons to take good care of yourself, the relationship between your oral health and your overall health provides even more. 

Resolve to practice good oral hygiene every day, you’re making an investment in your overall health, not just for now, but for the future too.


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