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4th January 2021

How Do I Care For My Dental Implants?

Dental implants are one of our favourite cosmetic treatments here at our Wolverhampton dental practice. That’s because when it comes to missing teeth, there are few options that are as durable and effective as these fixed false teeth. Made from a metal post ‘root’ and crown, your new dental implants will sit securely in your jaw and enable to you laugh, talk, smile and chew as you once did. Whether you’ve already had tooth implants fitted or you’re merely considering it and want to find out more, read on for some tips on caring for dental implants for now and in the future.

1. Clean your teeth!

It may seem obvious, but cleaning your mouth, teeth and gums is not only essential to good oral health but will keep your new dental implants looking sparkling clean. Incredibly, caring for dental implants will increase their lifespan, and they will last a lifetime – but if your routine is poor, you can expect problems in the future, including loss of your tooth implant.

2. See a professional

Nobody can clean your teeth more effectively than your dentist or hygienist. With specialist tools and treatments, expert knowledge and top qualifications – plus the best view in the house – you can be sure you’ll get a professional clean every time you visit our Wolverhampton dental practice. Many people think that because dental implants are false teeth, they don’t need to be looked after, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

3. Watch out for infection

Dental implant mould in Wolverhampton

Because your dental implants require some minor surgery, there’s a chance of infection occurring after the procedure has been carried out. The following signs could be an indication of infection – and if you notice any, call our Wolverhampton dental practice as soon as you notice any of the following, and we’ll recommend some next steps.

  • Pus, blood or pain in the gums or surrounding the implant
  • A loose implant
  • Fever
  • Problems with chewing
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bad breath/taste in the mouth

4. Get the right kit

Check with your dentist here at our Wolverhampton dental practice as to which toothpaste and toothbrush they recommend, as well as whether they think you need dental tape or floss to complement your routine.  

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