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21st November 2020

How To Use Pola Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening at Claregate Dental Practice in Wolverhampton is achieved using the reputable PolaDay and PolaNight home teeth whitening systems by SDI. From as little as 30 minutes a day, you could achieve whiter and brighter teeth in a matter of weeks.

Watch our video tutorial:

With the help of our own Katie, this video made by us explains how to use the system.

How to use Pola Teeth Whitening

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Pola Tooth Whitening Application Process

Step 1:

Brush your teeth before whitening.

Step 2:

Unscrew the cap of the whitening syringe and replace it with the applicator tip provided.

Step 3:

Get your whitening trays ready and see how much whitening gel you need before applying. Each syringe has three applications which are marked out by a black line on the side (see video demonstration).

Step 4:

Hold the syringe vertically and gently push the gel up into the tip. Aim the tip into the base of the trays and place a small amount in each tooth, avoiding the back teeth. Target the darker teeth first and remember crowns and fillings do not whiten.

Step 5:

When you’ve finished applying the whitening gel, pull back the syringe, remove the tip and put the cap back on.

Woman on dental chair receiving teeth whitening treatment in Wolverhampton
Pola Teeth Whitening at Claregate Dental Practice

Step 6:

Next, fit the Invisalign tray into your mouth and wipe off any excess from the gum area. Avoid eating and drinking when you have your trays in and refer to instructions from your dentist for wear time, this differs between Pola Day and Pola Night.

Step 7:

Once you have removed your trays, brush your teeth again and rinse your whitening trays with cool water, drying thoroughly afterward.

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