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24th June 2022

Maintaining Clean And Healthy Invisalign Aligners

Looking for advice and information about keeping your new Invisalign aligners in great condition? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, our top dentists in Wolverhampton share some tips and tricks for maintaining Invisalign, keeping them clean, and your smile healthy. Let’s dive in.

1. Take them out when you eat

It might sound obvious, but leaving your Invisalign aligners in while you eating could actually cause you big problems. First of all, while your clear aligners are sturdy enough for everyday wear, they can break under pressure – which means biting and chewing could damage them. Secondly, a damaged clear brace could then damage the soft tissues of the mouth, like the gums and tongue. If you’re lucky enough that your Invisalign braces don’t break when you eat, they can still stain or discolour from food, so it’s really not a great idea. Finally, what happens to all the little bits of food that get stuck in your clear braces? It’s a potential hazard to your oral health.

2. Remove them when drinking

Some of the above apply to this point, too – namely, the discolouration, but the point about oral health could apply, too. That’s because anything that isn’t water has the potential to degrade tooth enamel (acidic or sugary drinks) and these could get between the aligners and your teeth.

3. Don’t chew gum!

While our dentists in Wolverhampton would normally advocate for chewing sugar-free gum – which boosts teeth-strengthening saliva – it’s not recommended when you’re wearing your clear braces – Imagine if that gum gets stuck in your Invisalign brace! In that situation, you’d probably need to order a replacement, which could jeopardize your teeth straightening treatment.

The invisalign process in 3 steps

4. Invest in an Invisalign case

So, you’ve got to take your Invisalign braces out to eat, drink, and chew gum. But where do you put your clear braces when they’re not in your mouth? The answer: a storage case. Invisalign has some great options, which help cushion your aligners if they fall (or are accidentally sat on). You’re much less likely to use them in a case too, and it makes them a bit more portable if you travel or commute and want to take a break from wearing them.

5. Clean as advised

Our Wolverhampton dentists suggest rinsing your clear braces whenever you take them out or put them back in, and you also need to use a toothbrush now and then to give them a light go-over. As for soaking aligners, it is recommended to use Invisalign cleaning crystals every few days.

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