2nd April 2019

Spring clean & sparkle! Tooth whitening!

Teeth whitening offer in Wolverhampton

Tooth whitening is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to brighten your smile, helping you to look your absolute best!

Whiter teeth can help make you look healthier, younger and brighten your complexion. The procedure is simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

A custom-made tray is provided, in which a small amount of whitening gel is placed inside. The tray is worn over your teeth only, at night or during the day, for a short period of time. The teeth are gradually lightened using this “home whitening” technique over a few weeks.

We have been using such a simple procedure with PolaDay and PolaNight for many years with our patients, achieving great results.

Have a close look at the recent example below.

Before Teeth Whitening Treatment:

Teeth whitening before treatment in Wolverhampton

After Teeth Whitening Treatment:

Teeth whitening after treatment

Contact us for more information about tooth whitening and to take advantage of the time-limited offer with our hygienists!

(Please note plan discounts are not applicable for this limited offer.)

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Claregate Dental cannot guarantee specific results.