Patient being shown how her teeth will change with the Invisalign process

1st March 2020

Why You Should Choose Invisalign Braces in Wolverhampton

There are lots of different types of braces around, but most dentists agree that there’s one treatment that’s firmly ahead of the game: Invisalign. The clear braces have been going for a few years now, with millions of success stories all over the world. Whether an adult or teen, it’s a great way to create that perfect, straight smile you’ve always longed for. In today’s post, our dentists here at our Wolverhampton dental practice highlight why Invisalign is such a fantastic treatment and can help you come to a decision about what’s best for you and your smile.

1. It’s reliable

There’s something Invisalign does differently from its competitors – Invisalign can reliably picture how your teeth will move over time and show you each stage of your treatment, as well as your results. While it’s true that some cases may need a few refinements to get that perfect finish cosmetically, Invisalign in Wolverhampton is a highly predictable and reliable treatment with no hidden surprises!

2. It’s invisible

Invisalign being inserted into patient's mouth in Wolverhampton

Everyone who chooses Invisalign loves that it’s an invisible brace. Because it’s a clear brace, made from lightweight acrylic, you could have your teeth straightening totally in secret, as others likely won’t notice against your teeth. It’s another reason that Invisalign in Wolverhampton is so popular amongst teens – the clear brace aspect really appeals to them, as they’re less worried about being teased for having orthodontic treatment.

3. It’s comfortable

We know that comfort always ranks highly amongst our patients and of course, it should – so rest assured that Invisalign is kind on your teeth and comfy on your gums. Because each aligner is custom-made for your smile, it means they fit perfectly with little in the way of discomfort. Compare this to traditional wire-bracket braces, where the wires need to be trimmed or altered, and can rub on the gums, and it’s a no-brainer.

4. It’s easy

With clear aligners that simply click over your teeth, you can take Invisalign clear braces out at any time (especially useful for your dental routine and anytime you want a snack!). Teens love this aspect too, as it means they can pop them out for that all-important photo day at school, or may be able to take them out for a special occasion, like prom.

5. It’s affordable

Many people are concerned about the expense of these invisible braces, especially because they are popular and dentistry-leading. We think everyone deserves a beautiful smile, so we can offer 0% finance to patients interested in Invisalign braces, giving you more flexibility about how you pay.

Begin your Invisalign journey at Claregate Dental Practice

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