Woman with tooth loss in Wolverhampton dental practice

2nd July 2015

Life Changing Solution For Tooth Loss

Even today, tooth loss is a common occurrence. This could be down to:

1) old crowns that are now failing beyond repair

2) advanced gum disease

3) significant decay in a tooth

4) from an accident etc

Some cope with having gaps in the mouth, but usually, it’s a horrible feeling….often a sign of early ageing. More importantly, having gaps in the mouth can significantly affect your ability to eat, smile, talk to other people, self-confidence, hold you back from progressing in your job, build relationships etc.

Dentures and dental bridges are common ways of filling gaps in the mouth. But they have their draw backs. Many wear a denture out of reluctance or they feel it is part of “normal” ageing (the later is obviously not true!). Dentures can move and affect the taste of food. The main drawback of a dental bridge is the need to grind down a natural tooth to anchor the false tooth, carrying risk of nerve damage and potentially losing another tooth!

The alternative

In the right cases, dental implants have transformed people’s lives. They are fixed in the mouth so they don’t move like dentures. They can closely resemble the root of a natural tooth. They don’t depend on grinding down the teeth next door for support. Even if a denture is still required, dental implants can be used with them to prevent embarrassing incidents whilst eating or talking!

Partnering up with Straumann, our own patients have told us the life-changing impact of dental implants to them.

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So, if you want to know more about dental implants and have gaps in your mouth that need filling…. don’t hesitate to come and see us for advice.

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