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26th January 2023

Ask the Wolverhampton Experts: Which Foods Should I Avoid With Invisalign Braces?

When it comes to caring for your smile and keeping your clear brace treatment on track, our Wolverhampton experts are here to help. Our team works tirelessly to produce exceptional results for our patients – and Invisalign is no different. Discover how to care for them in today’s post, and what foods to avoid in your diet.

Invisalign explained

First, let’s touch on what Invisalign braces are and why they’re special.

Invisible braces are a type of clear, removable aligner that fits over your smile – much like a retainer – to gently position your teeth over time. When our patients in Wolverhampton undergo Invisalign brace treatment, they’re working to correct their teeth positions so that they can smile, chew, eat and laugh confidently in the future.

Diet and Invisalign

Woman with Invisalign treatment in Wolverhampton smiling

Many people need to adjust their diet for braces, as being fixed to your smile makes food possible to become trapped or break the appliance. But this isn’t the case with Invisalign. That’s because clear braces can be removed whenever you like – including when you need to eat.

Eating with Invisalign

Wearing your clear braces when you snack or have a meal could cause problems, including:

  • Damage to your aligners, such as cracking or warping
  • Delays to your treatment, should your aligners need replacing
  • Food to become stuck in your brace and potential for poor oral health
  • Staining your aligners – so they are no longer clear
  • Damage to the delicate tissues of your mouth, teeth and gums

Recommended wear time

Most patients undergoing invisible brace treatment will need to wear their clear braces for around 22 hours per day, as more than this could cause problems with treatment. While short breaks are fine, and you should remove your Invisalign for snacks and meals, you must ensure you wear them for the recommended time to get the full treatment benefit.

A few dos and don’ts

Many of us like to chew gum between meals, whether to freshen our breath, help with oral health (i.e., saliva production) or curb our appetites. But gum can easily become stuck in your teeth or your Invisalign, so isn’t something we’d recommend during treatment.

Talk to an expert

Want to know more about clear braces? Our team of experts, based here in Wolverhampton, can help. Get in touch to start your treatment, troubleshoot your Invisalign, check up on your treatment. We hope to hear from you soon!

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